VanHool TX Alicron

Moseley have a long relationship with VanHool, who have produced quality coaches in Belgium since the late 1940s.  In 2011, VanHool introduced the TX range, the latest step in the evolution of their coaches and a result of constant development in safety and comfort. All model types were updated at the same time to ensure they remain elegant, timeless and contempory.

These contemporary vehicles are elegant and efficient, and have been designed around the passengers and driver’s needs. They have also been created with respect for the environment.

The TX sets the standard for a new generation of luxurious coaches. The design incorporates a stainless steel window profile and smooth sides as well as durable entrance doors which incorporate a lowered glass design.

The TX VanHool Alicron is 12.2 metres long, 3.470 mm high and carries 51 / 53 passengers + courier + driver.   

For VanHool’s complete extensive range of vehicles, including double deck coaches up to the capacity of 89 passengers, please request a current brochure.

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