Sitcar Voyager

Moseley introduced the Mercedes-Benz Sitcar Beluga into the UK market in 2000.  It’s improved performance and design, along with its durability, ensured its space as a necessary addition to many fleets across the UK.

2015 introduces the new Sitcar Voyager.

Voyager boasts a stylish design and the best quality standards to make it the model of style and excellence.  Comfort and space are the main features of this vehicle.  The Voyager is able to offer the best comfort of the passengers and an unrivalled luggage compartment.


Sitcar Voyager – 25 seat luxury midi coach built on the 7 tonne Iveco chassis.

Iveco 70c17 Euro 6,

Length: 7.995 metres.

Luggage space: 3.5 cubic metres.



25 Lazzerini reclining seats + courier + driver,

3 point seat belts,

air conditioning,

Manual gear box + retarder,

double glazed tinted windows, with curtains,

Power door,

Radio P/A, and C.D.

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