In Stock New VDL Futura 2 12.9 Metre

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  • 57
  • 13m
  • Auto
  • Yes

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VDL Futura 2 12.9 MTR –

•DAF MX11 Euro 6 engine, ZF fully auto ecolife + retarder

•Specification: 36 months full warranty or 300,000 km


All white exterior

•Fuel capacity 830 litres, Webasto pre heater, A/C climate control

•57 Vogal reclining seats + courier and driver, prestige upholstery – i.e. leather headrests and sides to backrests, cushions and piping.

•Driver and courier seats – moquette

•3 point belts

•Double glazing – dark tint

•Centre O/S toilet + power continental door

•Power front N/S entrance

•Adjustable footrests, tip up tables to seat backs

•Storage compartments at driver and toilet

•Hot water boiler at toilet top

•Cool box in dashboard

•Storage compartments at driver and toilet

•Radio system Bosch pro-line including Bluetooth

•2 x 19 inch monitors

•Rear view camera

•Driver and courier fans, leather steering wheel


Interior Colours

•red with grey leather

•Alloy wheels


Vehicle Specification

  • Seating

    No. seats57Courier seatYESLeather headrestsYESLeather pipingYESThree point beltsYESFootrestsYES

  • Storage

    Luggage side lockersYES

  • Passenger Facilities

    ToiletCentre sunken toiletFridgeYESBoilerYES

  • Access

    Entrance doorPower entrance doorContinental doorIn centre

  • Audio / Visual


  • Emissions & Environment

    OtherEuro 6

  • Other Features


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