Our High Spec, Pre-Registered Mercedes Atego L8 Indcar Next – In Stock

The Mercedes Atego L8 Indcar Next is more of a luxury small coach than a mini bus, with plenty of room to ensure the comfort of passengers, and huge boot and locker space for all their gear.

These vehicles are more fuel efficient, have more torque and are quieter than their predecessors. Features including 33 stylish, part leather reclining seats with three point belts, carpeting, matching curtains, tinted windows and a SMART entertainment and PA system are sure to impress your passengers.

The vehicle is fully automatic, with a six cylinder Mercedes power unit, power entrance, drivers door, double glazing, tinted side windows, curtains, blinds on windscreen and webasto heating.

Lane assist, heated mirrors and windscreen, leather gearbox and engine cover and heated rear view mirrors will make life easier for you, as operators, as well as your drivers.