DDI 1 & 3 VDL Futura FHD2

Responding to customer requests for a coach with the flexibility to cover all types of work required today;  we chose to adapt the Futura FHD to DDI 1 & 3.


The parameters we worked to were simple:  

  • No loss of style or looks
  • No loss of coach specification
  • No loss of luggage capacity

The advantages of the Futura FHD for this conversion were easy to see: Proven reliability, lightweight construction, ease of maintenance, effortless to drive, excellent fuel consumption and the best residual value in today’s market.

All three Moseley companies contributed to the lift system during its development by VDL around 2013, fitted above the rear axle and mounted internally, avoiding road dirt and water ingress.

Bay Travel of Cowdenbeath, a regular customer;  have purchased the first vehicle and take delivery in March this year.  A second vehicle is on order for this company to be delivered later in the year.

The full specification includes:

  • 36 month’s or 300,000 km full warranty
  • DAF MX11 370 BHP Euro 6 engine
  • ZF Ecolife fully auto gearbox including retarder
  • Fuel capacity – 500 ltrs
  • Webasto pre-heater
  • A/C climate control
  • 53 part leather Vogal reclining seats with 3-point belts
  • Driver and courier seats
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Tip up tables to seat backs
  • o/s centre toilet plus continental door
  • double glazing to side glass – tinted
  • hot water boiler
  • coolbox
  • rear-view camera
  • Bosch radio/pa system including Bluetooth
  • 2 x 19” flat screen monitors
  • Driver and courier fans
  • Hanover display destination equipment
  • 400 kg wheelchair lift,  anchorage for 2 wheelchairs & 2 double quick release seats
  • Central locking to luggage flaps

MDL are delighted to have been able to supply our client with a vehicle capable of covering tours, private hire, service and schools combined with service and the facility to help less fortunate passengers…